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january in review

Who knew that the dead of winter could be so much more enjoyable with a little one rolling around? January has been good...and busy! We celebrated my birthday, Drew had a weekend excursion celebrating our friend Justin's bachelorhood (getting married in February to another good friend, Abi), hangouts and games with friends, visits from family, early morning workouts and restaurant outings with my mommy friends (ironic, I know), fun date nights and play dates, and lots of projects around the house.

Jonas is becoming very mobile, very quickly. He's not crawling yet, but he can scoot and roll his way to wherever his heart desires. He's sitting up like a champ, which makes him really happy...playing is much easier while sitting up. We're constantly amazed at how big he's getting. He's learning how to drink from a cup and just starting to wave. It's too cute. I've been making his baby food, which I love for the nutrition and the savings! So far he's eating carrots, peas, squash, sweet potatoes, and apples - all of which he loves, which is amazing considering the massive number of McD's egg and cheese biscuits I consumed during pregnancy :)

We're doing well. I still LOVE being at home with Jonas. Work is busy for Drew right now, but we've already planned a little getaway for early March, and we're excited to celebrate with friends who are getting married in February. Here are a few snapshots from the past couple of weeks!

(Jonas' first trip to Steak 'n' Shake...he actually liked wearing the hat)

Piano lessons

Such a big boy. Mmm apple juice.

Okay, I had to include this. These are our friends, Ben, Tricia, and Isaac. We attended a band party (for Apex) where we had to come dressed like another member of the band or their family. They came dressed as us. Ben was sporting an Apex t-shirt, hooded sweatshirt, hat, and long hair...hilarious. Tricia came as "pregnant Melissa". Take notice of the McD's wrapper sticking of her pocket, the sick look on her face, and the barf bag. Clever, very clever.


Tricia said...

Yay, I made it into a Clemensuz post! TWICE! (workouts and picture). Awesome!

Traci said...

Ahhh... I love how both boys have their hands on a girl's shoulder! They're gonna be heartbreakers, that's for sure!!