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the big 2-7

I celebrated the big 2-7 yesterday. I LOVE birthdays. Drew think it's funny that I get sad when it's over, but he is kind and pretends to be sad with me. What a nice husband.

We had such a fun weekend celebrating! Friday evening I had an appointment for a massage at a spa here in town (thanks, Mom & Dad!!), which was amazing, of course. Drew picked me up from the spa and we went out to Dewey's for dinner...YUM. After a really nice time at dinner, we went to see a movie. We had so much was the longest we had been out together, just the two of us, since Jonas was born. I'm so thankful for how much we enjoy just spending time together. It was the perfect way to celebrate my birthday.

Sunday was the actual big day so we had some friends over to play games and eat brownies...thanks guys! Before everyone got here this conversation took place:

Melissa: "Hey, let's take a quick family picture to commemorate this special, special day."
Drew: "Hmm. Okay."

The result:


Tricia said...

The best part of this picture are the slobber marks on Drew's shirt! :)

The Rogersuz said...

Ha! Love the picture:) So glad you had a good birthday. As you know I also LOVE birthdays!