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june in review

Ahh, summer. I love it so. And with a very active one-year-old to keep up with, I love it even more! That's Last Monday (June 22) we celebrated Jonas' first birthday. We can hardly believe it! What an amazing year it's been. He is learning things now so quickly and becoming such a fun little boy. He's so happy, and finally starting to gain weight more steadily. God is so good!

We took a family vacation to North Carolina during the first part of June...with ALL of my dad's family. It was such a great time! There were around 40 of us staying in a big house right on the beach...the perfect place to be with such a large group. We all came back refreshed and tan...perfect.

Other than vacation the month of June has been packed with weddings, new babies, cooking, firepits, trips to the pool, birthdays, date nights, concerts, and even a little time to myself. We've posted some photos from the past few months on our Picasa account. Click the picture below for the direct link. Enjoy!

Spring/Summer '09