Saturday, May 2, 2009 | | 2 comments

we're still here!

Didn't I mention that I was taking a blogging break? No? Oh :)

Well, I wasn't planning on it, really. I've been babysitting my good friend's 4-month old little girl during the day (from March until June), so life has been BUSY, to say the least! I'm getting a crash course on taking care of two babies! Amaya's adorable, and Jonas has so much fun with her. It's been really neat to watch them interact, especially as Jonas' personality is really starting to show. Seriously, he's such a happy little guy. With the warmer weather, we've had him outside almost constantly, which he loves. And when he's inside, he's standing at the front door, wanting to go out! He's such a boy...I love it.

Just wanted to write a quick note to let you know we're still here! Life is busy for me right now, but I'm definitely planning to update more, especially once summer hits. We're heading for a big family vacation in June to the Outerbanks...counting down the days!

Oh, and here are a couple of recent pictures:

First trip to the park

The big haircut (for both)!

Such a big boy