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january in review

Who knew that the dead of winter could be so much more enjoyable with a little one rolling around? January has been good...and busy! We celebrated my birthday, Drew had a weekend excursion celebrating our friend Justin's bachelorhood (getting married in February to another good friend, Abi), hangouts and games with friends, visits from family, early morning workouts and restaurant outings with my mommy friends (ironic, I know), fun date nights and play dates, and lots of projects around the house.

Jonas is becoming very mobile, very quickly. He's not crawling yet, but he can scoot and roll his way to wherever his heart desires. He's sitting up like a champ, which makes him really happy...playing is much easier while sitting up. We're constantly amazed at how big he's getting. He's learning how to drink from a cup and just starting to wave. It's too cute. I've been making his baby food, which I love for the nutrition and the savings! So far he's eating carrots, peas, squash, sweet potatoes, and apples - all of which he loves, which is amazing considering the massive number of McD's egg and cheese biscuits I consumed during pregnancy :)

We're doing well. I still LOVE being at home with Jonas. Work is busy for Drew right now, but we've already planned a little getaway for early March, and we're excited to celebrate with friends who are getting married in February. Here are a few snapshots from the past couple of weeks!

(Jonas' first trip to Steak 'n' Shake...he actually liked wearing the hat)

Piano lessons

Such a big boy. Mmm apple juice.

Okay, I had to include this. These are our friends, Ben, Tricia, and Isaac. We attended a band party (for Apex) where we had to come dressed like another member of the band or their family. They came dressed as us. Ben was sporting an Apex t-shirt, hooded sweatshirt, hat, and long hair...hilarious. Tricia came as "pregnant Melissa". Take notice of the McD's wrapper sticking of her pocket, the sick look on her face, and the barf bag. Clever, very clever.

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a sneak peek

I feel crummy, like I'm fighting some sort of a bug. Jonas is fussy and not napping today. We've been indoors for two days because of the frigid temps. I'm learning that taking care of a baby while you feel gross is tough. Is this a sneak peek of what the next pregnancy might feel like? YIKES.

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the big 2-7

I celebrated the big 2-7 yesterday. I LOVE birthdays. Drew think it's funny that I get sad when it's over, but he is kind and pretends to be sad with me. What a nice husband.

We had such a fun weekend celebrating! Friday evening I had an appointment for a massage at a spa here in town (thanks, Mom & Dad!!), which was amazing, of course. Drew picked me up from the spa and we went out to Dewey's for dinner...YUM. After a really nice time at dinner, we went to see a movie. We had so much fun...it was the longest we had been out together, just the two of us, since Jonas was born. I'm so thankful for how much we enjoy just spending time together. It was the perfect way to celebrate my birthday.

Sunday was the actual big day so we had some friends over to play games and eat brownies...thanks guys! Before everyone got here this conversation took place:

Melissa: "Hey, let's take a quick family picture to commemorate this special, special day."
Drew: "Hmm. Okay."

The result:

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discipline skills

Enter the discipline stage. If only our son wasn't so darn cute...

This morning I was returning a couple of quick emails while Jonas was playing quietly on our bed. The following scenario took place: He leans toward the laptop (which he LOVES), and quickly pulls the power cord out. Impressive, really. I plug it back into the laptop. He goes right for it again, flashes me a giant grin, and pulls it out. I sternly say, "NO, Jonas" and he immediately belly-laughs like I am the funniest person ever. I try really hard not to laugh. This sequence of events repeats itself three times until Jonas falls over from laughing so hard. At this point I'm actually hiding my face because I'm laughing right along with him. I think I need to work on my discipline skills :)

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so happy together...

Jonas has his first girlfriend, Amaya Grace Rogers. Seeing as she's only a week old, she wasn't nearly as excited about their big meeting as Jonas was. Looks like he'll have to win her heart.

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2008 Report From Jonas

Well hello everyone! Mom and Dad are letting me give you all an update of the past year... which is pretty awesome considering I just made a deposit into Dad's hand while he changed my first diaper of 2009 this morning. Thanks, Dad! Don't forget to wash your hands!

2008: From what I can tell, this year has pretty much been all about me. I wasn't around for the first half of it, but everything I've heard seems to revolve around my entrance into the world. Mom and Dad spent much of the first half of the year visiting hospitals, doctors, birthing classes, and making plans for my birthday. I've heard of lots of trips to see my grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins... and quite a few visits from family to my house! I think some of them even slept in my room before it was my room. Weird.

Mom and Dad also spent a lot of time together before I was born. I have no idea what they would talk about without me around, but I guess they were okay with that. I hear they spent extra time going on date nights and even taking something called a "babymoon" to the cabin they stayed in after they got married. Even that trip was about me though... I've seen pictures of them putting together awesome baby shower gifts on that trip.

Thanks, everyone, for all the gifts by the way. I slobber on them often.

I made my appearance on June 22nd. It turns out that I can turn labor into a pretty long, drawn out event. I made sure Mom and Dad got their money's worth. It was a pretty awesome day. Right off the bat, I got a passing grade on my first test. I didn't even study, but they say it proves I'm healthy. The day was sort of a blur, and the next day or two weren't much better, but me and Mom and Dad got through it with some help from Grandma Kline.

Since then, I've just been developing my awesomeness. Currently, I'm working on my third tooth, sitting up, banging on things, eating smushed up vegetables, and sleeping for longer than 6 hours. I've had plenty of shots (NOT fun), and the doctor tells me that I'm freakishly tall and skinny... but they aren't worried. Turns out I'm just built like my Uncle Jeremy. Bring on the ladies.

I've had lots of visits from grandparents and friends. I've even gotten to take lots of trips. Turns out that I'm a pretty good traveler. Check out this list of destinations!

  • My G&G Clemens' house in Vincennes. That's in Indiana. I felt the urge to eat corn and play basketball there... unfortunately I can't chew or walk yet.

  • Camp Tippy. For some weird reason, this place felt oddly like home. I hear it has a history with my family.

  • Aunt Marcia and Uncle Ron's lakehouse. They didn't let me drive the boat. Maybe next year. I've been practicing with my ducky in the bathtub.

  • My other grandparents house in Crawfordsville. All the people there look exactly like Mom. I don't mind. They snuggle with me a lot.

  • I stayed with my new friends, the Stewarts, while Mom and Dad went to Dad's High School reunion. This was in some magical place called "New Castle." Our hotel had a giant shoe in front of it. Strange.

  • My great grandparents house in Tennessee. Everyone kept eating while we were there. Wow. They called it "Thanksgiving," but I called it "crazy-fun-get-passed-around-a-lot time."

  • Then we did a repeat tour of Indiana and opened up all sorts of shiny wrapped boxes. I saw all my grandparents again... and even saw my great grandma Kline!
Overall, things have been pretty great. Mom and Dad seem to be enjoying me. I'm slowly showing them how to rearrange the house to make it more fun, and I'm working on adjusting their schedules to something more conducive to my eating and sleeping schedules. They're catching on. I've really enjoyed getting to know their other friends, too. So many of them have come to meet me. They brought meals. They pass me around. It's like a neverending supply of Aunts and Uncles and Grandparents right here in our town! They're great!

Mom seems to love being home all of the time with me. We go out somewhere almost every day. Target and Meijer are some of our favorite hangouts, where I always meet new people who tell me how cute I am. Mom is always showing me her coupons and lecturing me on how to save money. At home we spend lots of time playing, reading books, and giving slobbery kisses (just me...Mom's aren't slobbery). I like hanging out in the kitchen in my excersaucer while she cooks, sings, and dances. She's always explaining to me what she's doing, even though I don't really know what she's talking about.

Dad isn't around all day like Mom, but we get to hang out a lot, too. He spends many of his days doing things for our church. It doesn't seem easy, but he sure seems to enjoy doing it. He tells me that God has huge plans for the church, and we all have a part to play in it. I don't get it yet, but I can tell that our church really loves me.

I think that pretty much wraps it up. I've been asked to let you know that Mom and Dad really appreciate all of you. If you're reading this letter from me, chances are you've invested in me and our family in great ways already. Thank you!

We're sorry we didn't get Christmas cards out this year, too! Thanks to all of you that sent them to us. I gnawed on a few of them... no offense. Check out some updated pictures of me by clicking the picture below.

Love you! We hope you have a great New Year!
Winter '08-'09