Thursday, January 8, 2009 | |

discipline skills

Enter the discipline stage. If only our son wasn't so darn cute...

This morning I was returning a couple of quick emails while Jonas was playing quietly on our bed. The following scenario took place: He leans toward the laptop (which he LOVES), and quickly pulls the power cord out. Impressive, really. I plug it back into the laptop. He goes right for it again, flashes me a giant grin, and pulls it out. I sternly say, "NO, Jonas" and he immediately belly-laughs like I am the funniest person ever. I try really hard not to laugh. This sequence of events repeats itself three times until Jonas falls over from laughing so hard. At this point I'm actually hiding my face because I'm laughing right along with him. I think I need to work on my discipline skills :)


Abrah said...

Hey, Riley is two and Josh and I still find ourselves laughing so hard we can't even get a NO out! :) Enjoy these moments!