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a few things to share...

Just a few pictures/events to share with you!

This is one of my new favorite pictures. My two handsome boys. This was right before Jonas' first hands-on experience with snow. He liked it for about 5 seconds until he realized how cold it was. I could just eat up the expression on his face.

Every Tuesday I get together with the other moms in our house church. Here's the most recent picture of 4 of the 5 babies (we missed you, Erinne and Shep!). Whenever we set Jonas down next to a little girl he puts his hand on her shoulder. What a gentleman.

Jonas has officially learned how to both sit and pull himself up. Seemingly overnight. I actually caught this moment when he first pulled himself up to standing from playing on the floor. As you can see, he was petrified. But ohsocute. He's now learning that he can sit up and play in his crib instead of sleeping, which he LOVES :)

Drew and I were so thrilled to celebrate this past weekend with our friends, Justin & Abi! We absolutely loved seeing two good friends commit their lives to each other and to the Lord. Plus, they were the first couple we've ever actually seen stand their and enjoy the whole piece of cake...way to go, guys.

Oh, and Jonas met two new LARGE friends this weekend:


He's been around dogs a few times so far and seems to be quite the animal lover :)


Jenny said...

I love the picture where Jonas is 'kissing' the dog! Lila tries (and succeeds) to kiss our dog often. Shooter enjoys whatever she has spit up recently with the kiss. It's so gross and funny.