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Nausea, Drugs, and Fun with Hospitals

Sorry we haven't done a great job updating the family blog. Here's a quick blurb that many of you will want to know. If you didn't know before, Melissa is pregnant with Baby Clemens #2. She has, like last time, had pretty nasty sickness along with the pregnancy.

Long story short...

Melissa's pregnancy sickness/nausea/etc continued to escalate this week. It was unpredictable, and even after beginning a new medication to combat it, she just couldn't keep anything down (let alone keep up with an 18 month old all day). Her doctor (she has a new one this time) was concerned about her being dehydrated, malnourished, etc. He had her go into Miami Valley to get an IV and try different medical treatments. After 24 hours or so, she was able to come home. She now has a little mini-IV pump that she will have to carry on her (like in a sweet little fanny pack) which gives her a slow, steady dose of anti-nausea medication. So far, tonight she's been able to keep down some food and feels a little better.

Please pray that the medication will allow her to have semi-normal days (they don't expect it will remove all nausea). She just wants to be able to take care of Jonas and baby #2 without being in bed half the day. We're just hoping to have a low-key couple of relaxing days now to recover. A Colts win would be nice as well (they are playing now).

And here's a non-related picture... just for fun... don't worry, it's just brownie batter.