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Everything Must Go!

We are rearranging the house to make better use of space for baby #2, and we are cleaning out some things that are still in good shape (but unneeded for us now). We are happy to give these things to friends and family in the area. If you want to give us something for them, we won't argue... but it isn't necessary! We'd be happy to get them to someone who needs them... and out of our house. Email one of us if you're interested.

Check out the album at the end of this post to see the included items:
  • Nice, fairly new Target desk hutch (the hutch and desk are still for sale on We are offering the hutch... you can buy the desk online still, if you want the pair. They really are nice.

  • Asante Router and 24-port Ethernet Switch with patch cables. Basically, this is the start of a small network for a home or small business.

  • Standard Def JVC DVD Player with component video and digital audio. Still works great.

  • JVC 5-Disc CD changer. (This requires you to already have... or get... a receiver to hook this to.)

  • We also have a large drawer file cabinet (2 drawer). It is not pictured in the album yet. It's about the size of a low dresser. The drawers are wide and deep. It's heavy particle board... but it has a decent maple/oak kind of finish.


The Rogersuz said...

I just talked to Kent and Amy today and they were just looking for a filing cabinet!! I'm sure they'd love to get the file cabinet from you:)