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cold weather brainstorming

Oh,'re my favorite.

Fall always reminds me of our camping trip out west two years ago. Best trip ever. We camped for two weeks out to and around Colorado. Plus, I was already three weeks pregnant and didn't yet know it!
So...with colder weather on the way (not TOO soon, please), I'm brainstorming about things to do with this little cutie:

We LOVE to be outdoors but realize that won't always be possible this coming winter. I'm wondering...what sort of places do you go/things do you do with your kiddos when nasty winter weather arrives??


Aimee said...

Some of our greatest indoor fun involves pitching our tent INSIDE. We picnic inside it, nap inside it and even snuggle up for movies. Jack and Sophie both LOVE it! Be sure to share your indoor fun ideas too! :) Miss ya!

Jennifer said...

Dear Melissa,
It has been three holidays since your last post. I miss you. Thanks, Jenny :-)