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Before this weekend Drew and I hadn't been camping since our big excursion out west two years ago...and that is just too long! We really enjoy it, especially with friends. So this past weekend we headed out to John Bryan State Park with most members of the band I'm a part of (and spouses). We had PERFECT weather...just chilly enough to really enjoy huddling around the fire. And, it was our first overnight away from Jonas. He had a blast with his buddy, Beck, and Beck's grandparents, and we loved the relaxing time with friends.

Jody and I, showing off our 18-layer blanket-mattress. So comfy! Our husbands might reconsider sharing a tent with us after the uncontrollable giggling fits.

Being weird. Drew was standing on a hill, so this is him, being enormous.

Justin and his multipurpose camping cup

Oh my...we ate WELL. Food just tastes better over an open fire.


Anonymous said...

I see grass. How is this camping? Gosh I love your quilted northern bed. Miss you!

Anonymous said...

Oh and let Justin know that his multipurpose cup looks very....multipurpose. I mean you could drink water, tea, coffee, juice, soda, etc.....very mulitpurpose.