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Garage sale-ing is an adventure. Sometimes you hit the jackpot and find a great deal on something you don't really need must have. Other times those little goodies are few and far between. This past week our house church attempted to have one of our own, solely filled with great finds for a steal, of course. After three days of bartering, sitting, and corralling three toddlers, we actually sold quite a bit and raised some money for a friend! I really enjoyed having some neighbors stop by, some of which I'd never met. And one miraculous morning, all three little guys actually napped at the same time, which gave us girls time to sit and chat.

By far, my favorite thing was having those customers who were ecstatic to find something they could really use. A really nice man bought Drew's old drafting table for gift for his wife. An older woman who takes care of her husband full-time was so happy to find some of our jewelry. And then there was the little boy who found a small trinket and excitedly said to his mom, "This is beauutiful!!"

Filled to the edge...and beyond

A good idea in theory. Lots of tears here.

Me, Tricia, and Jody - hard at work

It's so neat to see how God is working in our house church. We are learning how to live life together. And how to sell our junk together :)



Anonymous said...

Seriously.....when DID we get so old. It's so weird to think of your sister and brother as adults, but then again, it's so weird to think we're married w/ Babies (well, you are...I'm not!) :)