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giving thanks

For Thanksgiving we packed up our little family and headed down to Tennessee to spend a few days with Drew's family. It was a really nice trip! The drive was long (and a little painful when Jonas did NOT want to be in that seat any longer), but the visit was great. Lots of talking, eating, fresh air, playing games, and playing with the little ones. I'm pretty sure I gained back my pregnancy weight over the course of three days :) I've posted pictures to our Picasa account (link is to the left), but here are a few of my favorites:

Snuggle time with Grandma
(if you know Jonas, you know it's amazing that he even has ONE sock on!)

Enjoying the sunshine
(Drew's grandma and cousin, Diana)

I love this picture. Jonas is blowing a bubble for them.
(that's Abigail, Diana's daughter)

Happy boy

Abigail and buds

Kisses from Grandpa

Jonas also had his first official haircut recently. It involved Drew's clippers, an extremely wiggly boy, and "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" on repeat for 5 minutes, sung by yours truly.

(the crazy comb-over)

And after:
(wow...he looks old)


Aimee said...

Hey friend! I just caught up on all your posts that I haven't read forever. Cute, cute, cute Jonas shots! I love the bottoms up. I have several pictures from my own childhood of that sleeping position. Anyway, I wanted to let you know that your worries and anxiousness are not abnormal. I expereinced that A LOT after I had Jackson. If you ever need someone to help chat you through that from expereince, give me a ring. Otherwise, I'll keep praying for God's peace to reign! Love ya!

Dawson & Jenny said...

so about this is nursing going with it? Lila is chewing on her fingers like crazy, so I think it will be soon