Thursday, October 23, 2008 | |

fall fun

It definitely feels like fall...the smell of the furnace, outdoor family photos, hooded sweatshirts, and the return of the Crockpot. Jonas and I have been taking some brisk afternoon walks at the's beautiful! Jonas usually "talks" to me the entire time...he has a LOT to say :)

Drew planned our date night this week and took me to a local apple orchard! We picked up some apples (soon-to-be apple crisp), a pumpkin, homemade apple butter (me) and black raspberry jam (Drew), and a caramel apple that nearly broke our teeth. It was such a neat place...we'll definitely be getting our pumpkins there from now on. Then we went out to dinner at the Golden Lamb, the restaurant in Ohio's oldest hotel. Deeelicious. Homestyle fried chicken, mashed potatoes, salad, corn...we had to roll ourselves out. Then yesterday morning we had some family photos taken (thanks, Amy!!). I'll be sure to post them when they're ready. For now, here's a quick snapshot of our happy boy. Click on the photo link to the left for many more!


Jami said...

Oh, what great pictures. They are all so wonderful. I love the tongue!